In total, 8.55 thousand railcars were transferred through the Polish border crossing in a month

In June 2023, Ukrainian Railways (UZ) transferred 2,200 railcars with iron ore through the Polish border crossing Izov-Hrubeszów, which is 18% more than in May. Rail.Insider reports about it with the reference to the data of the railway operator.

In total, during June 2023, 8.55 thousand railcars were transferred through the Izov-Hrubeszów crossing in the export connection. Iron ore is the main cargo that was transferred during the month. Metals and grains are also among the top three.

On average, 285 railcars were transferred from Ukraine to Poland through the junction. During June, a significant increase in freight work was recorded due to an increase in the transfer of exports, in particular, the transfer of railcars per day increased by 61 railcars. Imports fell by 6.5 railcars. The total growth of freight work at the crossing is 54.6 railcars/day.

«We are grateful to the PKP LHS carrier, which was able to increase cargo operations in June. This was achieved due to the growth of iron ore transfer. They finally started to transfer iron ore – and due to iron ore alone, the transfer of cargo at the junction increased by 53 railcars,» said the deputy director of the UZ Commercial Department Work Valeriy Tkachev.

In July, the carrier PKP LHS continued its positive dynamics. In particular, over 400 railcars were processed over 5 days in July. The volume of exports through this junction increased by 52.5 railcars. The increase is due to the increase in the transfer of iron ore loads.

As GMK Center reported earlier, UZ in June 2023 increased export transportation of iron ore by 3.8% compared to May, and decreased by 7.4% compared to June last year – up to 1.43 million tons. In January-June, 8.67 million tons of iron ore raw materials were shipped for export, which is 44 .7% less by the same period in 2022.