Украина в августе сократила экспорт ферросплавов более чем наполовину (с) shutterstock(с) shutterstock

Export revenue fell by 28.4% in eight months

In August 2020, Ukrainian mining & metals companies’ exports of ferroalloys shrank by 63.4% to 27.6 thousand tons against August last year. In monetary terms, exports fell by 61.4% to $32.1 million, according to the customs statistics.

In eight months, Ukrainian steelmaking companies cut their revenue from exports of ferroalloys by 28.4% to $478.02 million compared to the same period of 2019.

In January–August, Ukrainian metals companies exported 444.8 thousand tons of products. This is 26.9% down from the same period a year earlier.

The share of ferroalloys in the total volume of Ukraine’s foreign trade amounted to 1.5%.

The main export markets were the Netherlands (25.29%), Turkey (13.69%), and Italy (11.88%).

As GMK Center reported earlier, in physical terms, Ukraine’s exports of ferroalloys in 2019 declined by 7.8% to 833.6 thousand tons against 2018. In monetary terms, exports of ferroalloys dropped by 6.9% to $910.2 million.

Ferroalloys in Ukraine are produced by Nikopol ferroalloy plant, Zaporizhzhia ferroalloy plant, Pobuzhsky ferronickel plant, Kramatorsk ferroalloy plant, Pokrov Mining and Processing Plant, Marganets Mining and Processing Plant and Energostal.