Украина закрыла около 100 пунктов пропуска на границе. Онлайн-карта (с)с)

Public authorities say the border closure does not apply to international freight traffic

At 00:00 on 16 March, Ukraine closed some hundred checkpoints and imposed a temporary entry ban on foreigners.

In particular, railway stations were closed in: Rava-Ruska, Khyriv, Teresva, Dilove, Mamalyha, Kelmentsi, Bolhrad, Odnobrivka, Karabutseny, Pushkarne, Volfine, Vorozhba, Volchansk, Kazacha Lopan.

“Checkpoints with high throughput will continue operating. Such checkpoints are enough on the border with each neighboring country to register, control and check people and vehicles in conditions of limited international traffic (all neighboring countries introduce restrictive measures as well),” reads a message on the official website of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Infrastructure says the border closure will not apply to international freight traffic.

“Restrictions do not apply to international freight traffic. Crews of foreign aircrafts, vessels and automobiles will be also allowed to enter Ukraine following a medical examination,” according to the Ministry’s website.

Map of operating checkpoints during quarantine is available here.