Турция в январе увеличила импорт г/к проката из Украины в 2,6 раза(c) Hürriyet Daily News

In general, Turkey cut imports of HRC by 6.8% in January

In January 2021, Turkey increased imports of Ukrainian-made HRC 2.6 times to 122.25 thousand tons compared to January 2020, according to Steel Orbis citing the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK).

Ukrainian steel products accounted for 34% of Turkey’s total imports in the same period.

In general, Turkish steelmakers reduced imports of steel products by 6.8% to 358.7 thousand tons in January 2021 against January 2020.

Turkey’s key HRC import source was Russia, accounting for 37% of the total imports. In January, Turkey ramped up consumption of Russian steel products by 8.3% to 134.14 thousand tons y-o-y.

Turkey is the seventh largest steel producer in the world in terms of volumes. According to the Turkish Steel Producers Association, in 2020, the country ramped up steel production by 6% to 35.8 million tons y-o-y.