The draft budget also provides for ₴124.1 billion for road improvement and ₴53.3 for regional development

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is planning to allocate ₴16.1 billion from the state budget for the development of the transport infrastructure in 2022, according to the draft State Budget for 2022 introduced earlier.

The draft Law No. 5600 is the main resource for the endeavor. If passed, it will authorize allocations totaling ₴11.8 billion for the development of the transport infrastructure.

The government is also about to allocate ₴10 billion for the development of the railway infrastructure, of which ₴3.9 billion is ‘guaranteed’, and ₴6.1 billion is covered under the draft Law No. 5600.

Implementation of the following projects is also expected in the railway sector:

  • electrification of 101 km of railways for the development of the passenger segment;
  • purchase of 100 passenger cars, including 70 cars for Intercity trains;
  • purchase of trains for the City Express and new diesel multiple unit trains — 12 units in total;
  • upgrade of 200 km of railways for speeding up passenger travels.

The Cabinet of Ministers is going to allocate ₴5.5 billion for the development of the aviation infrastructure. These funds will be used for the construction of new airports in Dnipro and Zakarpattia, and also, for the reconstruction of the airport in Vinnytsia and further development of the Boryspil Airport.

The government is also considering allocation of ₴600 million for the development of the river infrastructure in the next year.

Moreover, the document states that ₴124.1 billion will be allocated for the development of the road infrastructure, and ₴53.3 billion

will go for the regional development in 2022.

According to the government, regional development requires the largest expenditures in the following areas:

  • development of motorways;
  • construction of subways;
  • renewal of public transport fleet;
  • support of regional development projects etc.

As reported earlier, the Cabinet of Ministers presented the draft State Budget for 2022. The document provides for the increase in revenues by ₴162 billion to ₴1.28 trillion, and expenditures by ₴103 billion to ₴1.46 trillion.