В январе металлурги нарастили ж/д отгрузки продукции на 9,8%(с) unsplash.com

Over the month, the Ukrainian Railways increased export traffic of finished metal products by 9.7%

In January 2021, Ukrainian steelmakers increased railway shipments of finished products by 9.8% to 1.83 million tons compared to January 2020, according to the data of the Ukrzaliznytsia (Ukrainian Railways) JSC’s Main Information and Computing Center published on the Open Data Portal.

In the first month of the year, shipments of metal products increased in all segments. Specifically:

  • export traffic accounted for 1.83 million tons (+9.8% against January 2020),
  • internal shipments — 251.2 thousand tons (+12%);
  • transit shipments — 101.23 thousand tons (+10.1%);
  • import shipments — 37.44 thousand tons (+2.1%).

In January, export traffic amounted to 78.8% of the total shipments, followed by internal shipments (13.7%) and transit shipments (5.5%).

Over the month in general, the Ukrainian Railways reduced cargo transportation by 7.6% to 22.09 million tons compared to 2020. The share of iron and steel in the total volume of cargoes shipped was 8.3%.

GMK Center reports that in 2020, steelmakers decreased railroad shipments of finished products by 4.2% to 20.5 million tons compared to 2019. Export traffic increased by 4.5% to 15.1 million tons, and transit shipments increased by 4.3% to 1.2 million tons. Other segments show a decline.