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RusAl owns the property of the Mykolaiv Alumina Plant in Ukraine

Security Service of Ukraine has seized the property of Russian corporations Rostech, RusAl and Tatneft worth UAH 4.5 billion, a press release of the Security Service reads.

According to the results of the investigation, nine active Ukrainian enterprises belonging to influential financial and industrial groups of the Russian Federation were blocked.

In addition to industrial facilities, 70 real estate objects were seized, including property complexes and land plots of these business structures.

The companies secretly withdrew the profits to Russia to finance the war against Ukraine. To do this, they used an extensive network of affiliated offshore companies.

Comprehensive measures are currently being taken to seize the blocked assets in favor of Ukraine.

Russian aluminum company RusAl in Ukraine owns property of the Mykolaiv Alumina Plant, which on March 1 declared temporary suspension of production.

The management company RusAl explains the decision to stop production by the inevitable logistical and transport problems in the Black Sea and adjacent territories.

Despite sharp production decrease at the Mykolaiv Plant, RusAl did not expect serious consequences for aluminum output at the enterprises.

Mykolaiv Alumina Plant produces 1,7 million tons of production a year. This is the second largest alumina asset of the Russian company.

Earlier GMK Center reported that the Kyiv Prosecutor’s Office handed over 20 MAZ trucks and corporaassetste rights of two Belarusian companies – AvtoMAZ Ukraine and MAZ-Ukraine Trading House – to Assets Search and Management Agency.

Also in early June 645 railway cars worth a total of UAH 650 million from the Ukrainian company Aurum Group were arrested. The rolling stock belongs to the enterprises of the family of the former Minister of Defense of Ukraine, who is wanted for treason.