РФ запретила ввоз ж/д комплектующих для грузовых вагонов из Украины(с) ТАСС

Importing component parts in transit through Ukraine is also banned

Russia banned imports of a number of key components for freight cars’ undercarriage from Ukraine.

According to Interfax-Ukraine, it is stated in the corresponding resolution of the Russian Government of 6 February, which supplements a similar document of 29 December 2018.

The main component parts include cast solebars and bolsters for trucks, wheel axles (both in sets and disassembled), wheel pairs, wheels and billets.

The resolution of 2018 bans imports of component parts in transit through Ukraine to Russia. That decision is spearheaded against wheel products of the Ukrainian company Interpipe.

In 2020, sales of Interpipe’s railway products to the CIS markets decreased by 10% to 84 thousand tons compared to 2019. The reason was the re-imposition of anti-dumping duty on exports of Ukraine-made wheels to the Customs Union and a reduction in freight traffic due to the coronavirus pandemic.