On average, staff salaries will increase by 15%

The Ukrainian pipe and wheel company Interpipe announced an increase in the salary of employees from March 1, 2023, by an average of 15%. GMK Center was informed about this by the press service of the company.

“Despite the war, since March 1, Interpipe has been raising wages for all categories of employees. On average, salaries will grow by 15%,” the company notes.

The increase will apply to the personnel of labor specialties in Dnipro, Nikopol and Novomoskovsk. In addition, the salaries of line managers in production, as well as engineers, specialists and managers of the company’s Ukrainian office will be increased.

“We have been living and working in full-scale war conditions for almost a year. The company faced such difficulties in logistics and production support for the first time. However, Interpipe made maximum efforts to rebuild the work. We managed to preserve our positions on the export markets, we continue to work now,” said Andriy Korotkov, CEO of Interpipe.

According to him, since the first days of the war, the company provides comprehensive support to employees in the ranks of the Armed Forces, the army and medics, employees whose property was damaged by shelling, pays taxes and provides everything necessary for production.

“Our work is the merit of every employee of Interpipe, everyone who continues to fulfill their duties at their workplaces. In order to support the workers and their families, the company decided to raise wages from March 1, despite the war. We continue to hold the economic front!”, the CEO of the company added.

The last time Interpipe raised wages was in October 2021. In 2021, the salary of production personnel increased by an average of 20%.

As GMK Center reported earlier, salaries at the steel companies of Ukraine In 2021, the average salary in steel sector and the production of steel products increased by 15.7% y/y – up to UAH 16.1 thousand. At pipe enterprises, the average salary of an employee in 2021 was UAH 15.4 thousand, which is 16.7% more year-on-year.

Interpipe is a Ukrainian industrial company, a producer of steel pipes and railway products. The company’s products are supplied to more than 80 countries around the world through a network of sales offices located in the key markets of the Middle East, North America and Europe. In 2021, Interpipe sold 602,000 tons of pipe products and 174,000 tons of railway products.