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Few models of Ukrainian freight trains will be able to transport goods across Europe after switching the chasses

Hungarian State Railways (MAV) has approved a place for the maneuvers of three models of Ukrainian freight cars with the switching on the European-style chasses, Rail.Insider reported.

Hungarian Railways listed gondola cars, tanks cars and grain carriers (models 12-141, 15-1443, 19-752) among the acceptable.

The cars can run on the Hungarian Railway network on the following roads:

  • Chop – Zahon/Batievo – Eperjeske – Debrecen – Nirabran (state border with Romania);
  • Chop – Zahon/Batievo – Eperjeske – Miskolc – Cegled – Ferencvaros – Győr – Hegyeshalom (state border with Austria);
  • Chop – Zahon/Batievo – Ferencvaros – Győr – Komárom (state border with Slovakia);
  • Chop – Zahon/Batievo – Eperjeske – Miskolc – Cegled – Ferencvaros – Győr – Tseldemelk Rendez – Diekenesh (state border with Croatia);
  • Chop – Zahon/Batievo – Eperjeske – Miskolc – Cegled – Frenzvaros – Gyor – Celldömölk-Rendező – Erisentpeter (state border with Slovenia).

To consider the sending of wagons to the ports of Europe, the sending railway needs to request consent for the transportation of oversized cargo, MAV added.

According to Valeriy Tkachov, Deputy Director of the Department of Commercial Work of Ukrzaliznytsia, Ukrainian state-run railways, those interested in transporting goods across Hungary in their own wagons with the replacement of chasses should contact the Center for Transport Logistics branch. Next, the running of the train to be agreed with the Hungarian side.

Ukrzaliznytsia sent requests for approval of the places for the maneuvers of Ukrainian freight cars with the switching on the European-style chasses to other neighboring countries too. Hungary was the first to officially provide a response.

Earlier GMK Center reported that Ukraine is looking for opportunities for exporting steel products and grains to the world market through the ports of the Baltic countries. In addition, Ukraine and Poland will start a joint logistics venture to increase the volume of rail transportation of Ukrainian exports to the EU and to world markets through Europe.

Also, the Ministry of Transport of Romania announced a tender for the repair of the railway line between the village of Giurgiulesti (Moldova) and the port of Galati for the transportation of goods from Ukraine and back. Thanks to this route, Ukraine will be able to ship and receive goods through Moldova and the port of Galati.