Хорст Визингер возглавил набсовет GMK Center Хорст Визингер возглавил набсовет GMK Center

The Supervisory Board will determine areas of studies and provide expert support

Horst Wiesinger, the CEO of Austrian consulting company Horst Wiesinger Consulting (HWC), was elected as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Ukrainian think tank GMK Center. The parties came to this agreement on 14 July.

The GMK Center Supervisory Board will consist of at least three members. Its functions will include the following:

  • identifying areas of focus for GMK Center’s studies;
  • supporting GMK Center as a center of excellence in the mining & metals sector, industry, analytics, consulting;
  • supporting (contributing to) GMK Center’s projects in Ukraine and abroad.

“Since autumn last year, we’ve had a privilege to cooperate with GMK Center. Its team has proved to offer high-quality expertise. That’s why we are willing to support the project and break ground with new achievements together. We still believe the Ukrainian market to be very promising and are ready to help Ukrainian steelmakers cope with today’s challenges,” says Horst Wiesinger.

GMK Center expects the Supervisory Board to help improve the sectoral expertise and networking with the global market.

“We are proud that Horst Wiesinger, with his over 40-years’ experience in the sector, has appreciated the achievements of our project and decided to chair our Supervisory Board. We are seeking to improve our expertise by engaging experienced and reputable specialists as members of our Supervisory Board. We are confident that the Supervisory Board will help us build a world-class information, analytical and consulting team, to support development of both domestic and international production companies in Ukraine,” explains Stanislav Zinchenko, GMK Center CEO.

In the near future, the GMK Center Supervisory board is expected to welcome representatives of the business, corporate, and professional domains who enjoy wide recognition and a high reputation as professionals.

As reported earlier, Horst Wiesinger Consulting and GMK Center signed a long-term cooperation agreement in November 2019. GMK Center provided HWC with local expert reviews on steelmaking and industry of Ukraine and the region and participates in joint studies, while the Austrian company shares its huge sectoral and consulting experience.