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The steel industry of Ukraine for the global world

On June 20, GMK Center, a think tank specializing in the steel industry, launched the English version of its website about Ukraine’s mining & metals sector:

The website contains most comprehensive statistics on the mining & metals sector of Ukraine, sector-specific analytics, profiles of steelmaking and mining companies offering information about their capacities, outputs, target markets and financial performance. All of these would help the English-speaking audience to get a complete understanding of the industry, assess its contribution to the Ukrainian economy and the world’s industry in general.

The English content of the website will not just duplicate the material posted in Ukrainian and Russian. Our new project seeks to present the key developments in the industry, analysis of the market trends, exclusive interviews and findings of our own research.

The target audience of our website includes investors, analysts, manufacturers, traders, users of metal products as well as everyone who takes interest in the steel industry.

“From now on, our English-speaking audience can get all relevant, useful and reliable information about the mining & metals sector of Ukraine on one website. It offers a complete picture of the industry in a user-friendly and simple form. The purpose of our project is to integrate the Ukrainian industry agenda into the global media landscape,” Stanislav Zinchenko, GMK Center Director, said.

Ukraine plays an important role in the global steel industry. Ukraine’s mining & metals sector is among the world’s top10 manufacturers of pig iron, top5 manufacturers of ferroalloys and top3 exporters of semi-finished products.

Since its creation in November, 2018, GMK Center has prepared and posted over 1,400 materials — news, reviews, infographics and interviews. The think tank has run 23 sector-specific surveys for market players, some of which are in the public domain.