During the war, the company implemented another large-scale investment project

The iron ore company Ferrexpo put into operation its filtration and concentrate storage unit at the Crushing and Beneficiation Plant (CBP) of Ferrexpo Poltava Mining.

This was reported in the company’s press service update.

The project on the construction of the stockyard commenced in 2017, and it started operating in test mode at the end of 2021. The filtration building accommodates the necessary technological equipment to ensure the operation of three press filters. The covered stockyard can hold up to 35,000 tons of raw materials and is intended for storage of excess produced concentrate. The stockyard contains specialised equipment (conveyors, hoppers, dispensers) to enable the loading of the concentrate into railway cars. The load-out unit is also equipped with the latest automatic sampler, which allows shipping the product to clients after a control check of quality indicators.

In the context of complicated logistics caused by a full-scale invasion, this warehouse helps the company regulate the planned production volumes and supply of products to Ferrexpo’s international customers, including the world’s leading steel enterprises in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

«Earlier, when there was an excess of produced concentrate, we were forced to stop one of the sections of the CBP because we had nowhere to put the excess raw materials. Now, the concentrate in the form of pulp is sent to the filtration station and then, in dry form, to the warehouse. It remains there until it is needed for shipment to the side or to support the operation of the next production chain – the Pellets Production Workshop,» explains Ihor Vedmid, head of the Crushing and Beneficiation Plant of Poltava Mining.

The project was implemented as part of Ferrexpo’s strategic development program, the main goal of which is to double the production of iron ore pellets to 24 million tons per year. This is preceded by the implementation of a number of projects for the modernization of existing equipment, the construction of additional buildings and the purchase of modern models of equipment.

As previously reported by GMK Center, despite the ongoing war, Ferrexpo continues to invest in improving the quality of its products, which enhances Ukraine’s reputation in key markets.