Starting the heating

In the near future, the company's specialists will mount the power cable

In December 2022, a heating system was launched in the center for the permanent stay of displaced persons of the «Source of Support» NGO, which was created in the building of the former medical and sanitary department of the Dnipro Metallurgical Plant. It is stated on the company’s website.

DMZ specialists, together with volunteers and residents of the shelter, installed the equipment and connected it to the DTEK substation. A powerful boiler will provide heating for the center’s four-story building.

A power cable worth hundreds of thousands UAH is required to increase the temperature of the heat carrier and allow the electric heating to reach full power. It was bought by the UN Refugee Agency in Ukraine. DMZ specialists will start work on its installation in the near future.

Currently, more than 100 residents live in the center, including 30 children. Three floors are already occupied here, new rooms are being prepared. Ukrainian and international funds, residents of Dnipro constantly provide assistance to displaced people – food, clothing, hygiene products, etc.

The humanitarian headquarters of the DMZ operates in the shelter, where aid can be transferred. The most urgent needs for now are warm clothes and shoes, autonomous power supplies, in particular a generator, inverters and batteries.

As GMK Center reported earlier, iron and steel companies systematically supported employment in war conditions. Despite the difficult current circumstances, they do not stop the employment process within the framework of production needs. In addition, a new category of potential workers has appeared on the market – immigrants from war zones, including from enterprises of the mining and metal complex, who find work at enterprises of the industry. In particular, 24 migrants found work at the DCH Steel enterprises – the Sukha Balka mine and the Dnipro Metallurgical Plant.