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They will mainly manufacture the SVP-33 mine support, as well as R-43 and R-34 mine rails

In December 2023, the Dnipro Metallurgical Plant (DMZ), which is part of DCH Steel, plans to produce about 6,000 tons of rolled products in rolling shop No. 1 (PC-1). This is stated in DCH corporate newspaper.

«On December 1, the PC-1 heating wells were heated, and on December 6, another campaign began in it. Its volume will be about 6,000 tons of rolling stock,» the report says.

The company will mainly produce SVP-33 mine support, as well as R-43 and R-34 mine rails. The company plans to complete the rolling campaign by December 30, 2023.

Currently, the shop is completing the overhaul of the recuperative heating well No. 4 according to an accelerated schedule. Its commissioning will increase the shop’s productivity and save energy.

«The well was repaired almost completely. In it, the floor of the working space, part of metal structures, all refractory masonry and ceramic tubular recuperators were completely replaced. The major repair of the well is now being completed, and around December 12, after heating and putting it into operation, they plan to plant the first metal in it,» comments Oleksandr Rebrikov, master of heating furnaces.

After the New Year’s holidays, DMZ plans to launch the production campaign at Rolling Shop No. 2. Preparatory repairs are currently underway at the shop. It was previously believed that winter is not a “season” for steelmakers, but the plant notes that there are orders, albeit not very large in volume.

«If the bulk of the products produced by the enterprise are channels and corners, i.e. rolled steel for construction, then indeed – for the winter period, orders are small. With regard to our plant, we manufacture the vast majority of products for miners, whose work is not seasonal,» added Yury Mykhailiv, Director of Production of DMZ.

As GMK Center reported earlier, in November, DMZ reduced its rolled steel production by 12.6% y-o-y – to 8.1 thousand tons. Coke production for the month amounted to 23.4 thousand tons, which is 11.4% less than in October 2023. Compared to November 2022, DMZ’s rolled steel output increased 11 times and coke output increased by 47%.

Dnipro Metallurgical Plant is a full-cycle steel enterprise that is part of the DCH group. It produces semi-finished products and shaped rolled steel products: channel, angle bars, rails.

Its main products are square billets (exported to Turkiye and Egypt), channels (wide export geography: countries of Europe, Asia, Africa) and pig iron (exported mainly to Turkiye).