Ukraine consumed 4.7 million tons of rolled products over the year

In 2020, Ukraine’s steelmaking companies increased domestic consumption of rolled products by 4.4% to 4.7 million tons against 2019, according to Ukrmetallurgprom citing ETR-Spektr LLC.

The share of imports in the total volume of Ukraine’s rolled products market was 1.23 million tons, or 25.4%. This is 5.2% down from the previous year.

Domestic market for rolled products in 2016–2020, thsd t

Rolled products, total, thsd t4840504753944697,34903,9
Ukraine-made products, thsd t37843745395232783676
Imported products, thsd t1056130214421419,31227,9
Imported products, %21,825,826,730,225,4
Domestic market, %4,36,9-12,94,4

Source: Ukrmetallurgprom

The share of flat products in total imports increased and exceeded that of rolled sections, 55.84% and 42.93% respectively.

The main sources of Ukraine’s imports of rolled products were:

  • CIS — 38.5%,
  • EU — 24.5%,
  • Asia — 20.5%.

As GMK Center reported earlier, in 2019, Ukraine cut domestic consumption of rolled products by 13.1% to 4.7 million tons against the previous year. The share of imports increased by 1.6% y-o-y.