The green transition of the steel industry requires new technologies and strategies

On January 17-18, 2024, the Global Sustainable Steel Summit 2024 conference will be held in Hamburg, Germany, to discuss the steel industry’s transition to sustainable and environmentally friendly production.

In 2022, the global green steel market was estimated at $196.84 million. The industry is expected to grow as steel producers increasingly shift to sustainable production with minimal emissions.

The conference will provide participants with an opportunity to learn about the latest market and technological developments in green steel; exchange views with hundreds of industry professionals; establish new contacts and explore potential business opportunities; and discuss joint efforts to promote sustainable steel production.

The conference will also feature Stanislav Zinchenko, Director of GMK Center, who will participate in a panel discussion on the role of scrap in the decarbonization of the steel industry and present a report on the future of the green steel market in the EU and the prospects for green premiums.

Conference program:

January 17

  • Road map of decarbonization of steel and iron ore under the scenario of zero emissions until 2050;
  • Pig iron and steel production – transformation for sustainable development towards a greener future;
  • How will the growing market demand for greener steel change the future of steel production?;
  • How does recycling help the steel industry transform towards sustainable development?;
  • Raw materials – supply chains under the pressure of sustainability and decarbonization;
  • Critical takeaways: Europe’s energy crisis and implications for future ESG ambitions;
  • Towards Industry 4.0: how digitalization of the steel value chain can support environmental transformation?;
  • Replacement of fossil coal and coke in steel production with renewable biocarbon;

January 18

  • Perspectives of sustainable development: help or hindrance? The role of energy prices in the transition to green steel;
  • Implementation of new technologies in the steel industry – from the producer’s point of view;
  • The role of scrap in the decarbonization of the steel industry;
  • A partnership across the value chain to supply low carbon steel.

You can register for the event by link.