623 enterprises have already resumed work at a new location

During the year of the war in Ukraine, 800 enterprises were relocated to safer regions of the country under the government’s relocation program, of which 623 have already resumed work at their new location. This was stated by the Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Economy Tetiana Berezhna, informs department’s press release.

“Since the beginning of the war, 800 enterprises have been relocated from dangerous regions with the support of the state. Today, 623 enterprises are already working at the new location. For another 239, a suitable location or method of transportation is being sought. More than 650 enterprises that planned to relocate their production facilities refused to relocate due to the de-occupation of the territories where they are located. In addition, some enterprises are currently returning to their previous places of work in connection with the improvement of the security situation there, in particular, in Kharkiv, Chernihiv and Sumy regions. 44 enterprises have already returned,” she said.

According to her, most enterprises were relocated to Lviv – 24%, Zakarpattia – 14.5%, Chernivtsi – 9.8%, Ivano-Frankivsk – 8.3%, Khmelnytsky – 7.3% and Ternopil (6.3%) regions.

It is noted that the relocation program continues to operate, but the number of requests has significantly decreased compared to March-April 2022.

“The government continues to provide support to enterprises that have decided to relocate, because their transportation to safer regions means preserving jobs, preserving the dynamics of paying taxes, preserving the activity of business, which is a driver of reconstruction and a strong player on the economic front,” Tetiana Berezhna emphasized.

As GMK Center reported earlier, by order №246 from March 25, 2022, the Cabinet of Ministers confirmed Action plan for moving production facilities from areas where hostilities are taking place or there is a threat of hostilities to safe areas.

Ukrzaliznytsia offered its production facilities in central and western Ukraine for the relocation of production from the east of the country.