GMK Center provides comprehensive services to improve sustainability of Clients` business. We help companies to start their sustainability activities and reporting as well as to adapt established processes. We help to build sustainability strategies on cross-industry and global view. The focus on the needs of customers of sustainability activities and reporting helps to maximize the effect from ESG-activities.

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Our sustainability services

Sustainability assessment

Sustainable management practice is young. Few resources are involved in this activity, although the importance of the issue of sustainability cannot be underestimated. Evaluation of professionals from the outside will increase the consistency in the direction of sustainability: goals, control, finances.

Benchmark analysis

Analyzing more than 100 reports of companies from different sectors annually, we were able to provide our Clients not only with the best reporting practices, but also help to understand the gaps in their activity and set new tasks, to understand the competitive environment.

Sustainability strategy advising

Changes are happening very quickly, but sustainability issues are long-term. The challenge is to strike a balance between flexibility and sustainability. We help our clients to build roadmaps and adapt strategies to future challenges.

Sustainable supply chains system development

The role of suppliers in the sustainability of the business is growing and is critical for many companies. Therefore, advice on building a sustainable supply chain that engages suppliers and promotes sustainability standards becomes a competitive advantage.

Long-term targets system development

Clear long-term goals are a must have for a sustainable business. And most companies have made this step. But today, business faces the challenge of specifying and adapting the system of goals, as the next step. The new requirements are long-term goals for 10-30 years with corresponding investment plans and policies.

Stakeholder engagement system

The need to involve stakeholders requires a fundamentally different approach to decision making. The interests of much broader groups should be taken into account, because abilities of their potential influence on the operations are expanding. There are no standard recipes here, as it is 100% dependent on local conditions.

Non-financial reports advising

All public companies prepare non-financial reports. But today the only fact of reporting doesn`t distinguish the company, as before. Informative, innovative and reader-friendly document only will do this. A quality report directly affects the company's cost of capital. Impact-analysis will show importance of the business

Guide to start

We will help to systematize the company's activity in the field of sustainability for those who are just starting this journey, to show responsibility level, strengths and effectiveness to all stakeholders. It will promote business.