Запорожсталь отремонтировала доменную печь №2 © zaporizhstal.com Запорожсталь отремонтировала доменную печь №2 © zaporizhstal.com

Investment in the overhaul amounted to around UAH 220 million

Zaporizhstal Iron and Steel Works launched its blast furnace No. 2 following its overhaul repair in the framework of the production modernization program. 

According to the company, the overhaul lasted for 43 days. The investment amounted to around UAH 220 million.

The repair works included replacement of the charging system and partial replacement of shell, shotcreting and lining of the shaft, replacement of metal structures and refractory coating of the main runner. 

Around 2 thousand tons of refractory materials were used for the purposes of the overhaul. 

Moreover, Zaporizhstal repaired the cooling system and partially replaced spent pig iron staves with copper and steel ones.

The repair works also included some environmental protection measures. Thus, the company repaired the key elements of the aspiration system to bring the production process in compliance with the current environmental standards of Ukraine.

Over 400 workers of Zaporizhstal itself and contractors were engaged in the overhaul of the blast furnace No. 2.

Metinvest and Zaporizhstal built a highway in Zaporizhzhia worth UAH 220 million.

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