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Services and divisions of the company work as usual

UTEM Group, which main production facilities are located in Bucha in the Kyiv region, has fully resumed its operations, company’s statement reads.

In particular, the following factory products are available to customers:

  • shaped parts and spools of pipelines produced by UTEM-Process Pipelines, which produces steel elbows, reducers, tees and prefabricated spools of process pipelines;
  • metal structures manufactured by UTEM-ZMK, which produces metal structures for various purposes and non-standard equipment.

In addition, there are an engineering company UTEM-Engineering (which provides design services, including the development of feasibility study, documentation and general contracting services) and technological control laboratory, which provides services for all types of inspection of welded joints and base metal.

“Services and divisions of the company work as usual. All contacts, means of communication and information listed on the websites of UTEM Group companies are relevant,” the statement reads.

Earlier GMK Center reported that in the pre-war period the UTEM Group supplied 250 tons of metal structures for the construction of the Church of the Savior and signed a contract for the production of metal structures for an open water park in Poltava region.