Among the main buyers of scrap metal are Dniprostal, Metinvest Resources and Zakhid-Technomedbud

Ukrzaliznytsia (UZ) successfully hold 26 auctions for the sale of scrap metal with a total weight of 18.3 thousand tons, earning UAH 99.63 million from the transactions. Initially, the railway operator planned to sell 44 lots of scrap – a total of 21.4 thousand tons for more than UAH 85 million. This is evidenced by the information on the relevant auctions in the system ProZorro.Sales.

18 out of 44 planned auctions did not take place due to insufficient number of participants. UZ failed to sell 3.1 thousand tons of scrap worth UAH 11.76 million. The average price per ton of scrap metal in the auctions that took place was UAH 3.9 thousand.

TOP-10 lots sold by UZ at auctions October 18-19 in 2022

The lot number, №Weight, tonCost, UAHBuyer
609Б1050.54411986.6Dniprostal LLC
626Б6004620000.01Zahid-Technomedbud LLC
589Б1153.994939095Mistral LLC
588Б1153.994939095Mistral LLC
624Б9004950000Dniprostal LLC
592Б1176.74991789.51Metinvest-Resources LLC
623Б10205610000Dniprostal LLC
621Б706.16354756Zahid-Technomedbud LLC
619Б1054.19592128.01Zahid-Technomedbud LLC
620Б1270.69656803.21Zahid-Technomedbud LLC


Among the main buyers of secondary scrap metal are Zakhid-Technomedbud LLC (4.1 thousand tons for UAH 34.6 million), Dniprostal LLC (5.46 thousand tons for UAH 26.57 million) and  Metinvest Resource LLC (4.6 thousand tons for UAH 18.6 million).

Among the sold scrap are types 510, 509, 500, 4, 305, 3, 501. These are worn parts of railcars, wheels, rims, axles, and rails.

As GMK Center reported earlier, from the beginning of 2022 UZ sold 97.4 thousand tons of scrap metal for UAH 596.5 million. In total for the year, the railway operator planned to implement 170 thousand tons of scrap, including 13 thousand railcars.

In 2021, Ukrzaliznytsia sold 201.2 thousand tons of scrap ferrous metals with a total value of UAH 1.503 billion. This is 38.8% more in monetary terms and 2.6 times more than in kind compared to 2020.

During the year, UZ managed to hold 84 auctions out of 210 published. Among the main buyers of raw materials are:

  • Dniprostal – 28 lots (82.2 thousand tons for UAH 631.4 million);
  • Metinvest-Resources – 26 lots (80.8 thousand tons for UAH 592.2 million);
  • Ferolit – 16 lots (13.8 thousand tons for 112.2 million UAH).