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The member companies of the state concern supplied over 3.3 thousand units of weapons and equipment to the Armed Forces over the year

In 2021, member companies of the state concern Ukroboronprom increased their production by 20% against the previous year. According to Interfax-Ukraine, that statement was made by Yuriy Gusev, Ukroboronprom’s CEO, at the presentation of the military transport aircraft An-178-100R No. 001 in Kyiv.

“This year, member companies of Ukroboronprom increased their production by 20% y-o-y. Over 3,300 units of weapons and military equipment have been repaired, upgraded, built and delivered to the Armed Forces,” Yuriy Gusev told the journalists.

He also noted that the capabilities of Ukroboronprom’s enterprises would be taken into account in drafting procurement plans for the Armed Forces for the next year and in the three-year perspective.

“We are now discussing three-year plans with the Minister of Defense, so that we can set up production of anything we can’t yet produce but we need to make preparations to such production through additional investments,” said Ukroboronprom’s CEO.

He stressed that the concern’s aircraft building demonstrates record performance.

“Our exports also peaked. This year, Ukroboronprom’s enterprises exported products for the amount of over one billion US dollars, and we also have many plans for expansion,” assured Yuriy Gusev.

According to GMK Center, in 9M 2021, Ukroboronprom state concern increased its output by 27.4% to ₴26.8 billion y-o-y.

Currently, the concern is undergoing reorganization. In early December, the Cabinet of Ministers approved reorganization of Ukroboronprom into a joint-stock company. The government also endorsed reorganization of 43 Ukroboronprom’s strategic member companies into fully state-owned economic entities.