Ukrainian harbors also transshipped 15.3 million tons of ferrous metals

According to the Ukrainian Seaports Authority (USPA), transshipment of iron ore through Ukrainian seaports in 2019 grew by 33% to 37.3 million tons, compared to the previous year. This type of cargo ranks second in terms of transshipment volume.

Furthermore, Ukrainian seaports transferred 15.3 million tons of ferrous metals and 6.7 million tons of coal over the year. Transshipment of agricultural products was the largest in terms of volume, 60.4 million tons.

By the end of 2019, the seaports of Ukraine increased transshipments by 18.6% to 160 million tons. This is a record high figure.

“The seaports of Ukraine demonstrate an increase in cargo handling for the third year in a row. Three seaports at once — Yuzhny, Mykolaiv and the port of Olvia — reached the maximum transshipment volume in their history,” said Raivis Veckagans, USPA CEO.

The following four seaports became the leaders in terms of cargo transshipment: Yuzhny Seaport — 53.9 million tons (+26.1%), Mykolaiv Seaport — 33.4 million tons (+14.5%), Black Sea Port — 26.2 million tons (+21.4%), Odesa Seaport — 25.3 million tons (+16.8%).

As reported earlier, the share of Ukrainian steelmaking companies in the export cargo flow was 33.6% in 2018.