The rate of payment for the use of own pellets railcars remains at the level of UAH 450/day

Since December 2023, Ukrainian Railways (UZ) has increased the rates for the use of its own semi-railcars by 8.3% compared to the previous month – up to UAH 1.3 thousand per day. This is evidenced by the data on the website of the Transport Logistics Center (TLC) branch of Ukrainian Railways.

Thus, the rates for the use of semi-railcars increased in October after reaching the lowest level this year in November. The rate for the use of the company’s own pellet railcars remained at the level of November – up to UAH 450 per day.

According to the TLC, in December, the rate for a grain carrier will increase to UAH 1150 per day, while in November, farmers paid UAH 1000 per day for the use of grain carriers. The payment rate for a universal, converted and modernized platform of types 915,968, 969 will be UAH 3.5 thousand (+2.9% m/m), a covered railcar – UAH 1.5 thousand (+7.1% m/m), a cement truck – UAH 1050 (+10.5% m/m).

As GMK Center reported earlier, Ukrainian Railways maintained the volume of ferrous metal exports at the level of September – 331 thousand tons in October 2023. Export transportation of iron and manganese ore in October 2023 increased by 33% m/m to 1.92 million tons.

In 2022, UZ reduced the transportation of iron and manganese ore by 59.2% compared to 2021 – to 41.7 million tons. Last year, ferrous metal transportation volumes decreased by 57.8% y/y – to 9.2 million tons. In total, UZ transported 150.6 million tons of cargo over the year, which is 52.1% less than in 2021.