The ban was introduced at the end of August 2023

Ukrainian Railways (UZ) canceled the ban on the transportation of iron ore to Poland for the Polish plants of the largest steel corporation in the EU, ArcelorMittal. Rail.Insider informs about it with the reference to UZ data.

The ban began to act from August 28, 2023, and extended to the transportation of iron ore in all types of railcars through the stations of Slavkuv LHS (Poland) and Izov (Ukraine). The convention was canceled on September 2, the reason for its introduction was the descent of rolling stock on the company’s tracks.

As GMK Center reported earlier, in July 2023, Ukrainian Railways transported 1.45 million tons of iron and manganese ore in export traffic, which is 1.7% more than in the previous month. In the structure of export freight transportation, iron ore took the first place with an indicator of 44% of the total volume.

Also, at the end of June 20203, UZ registered in Poland cargo company Ukrainian Railways Cargo Poland, thereby starting the development of a full-fledged cargo transportation operator on the territory of the EU countries. The main principle of the work of the international division will be close ties with foreign partners, transparency and competition. It was planned that at the first stage, the future European operator UZ will provide a comprehensive freight transportation service, coordinate work with European carriers, cargo owners, border crossings, operating rolling stock of tracks 1435 and 1520.