The concept of restoring the country «Steel Dream» is based on this assessment

Ukraine will need about 3.5 million tons of steel to rebuild housing and social infrastructure destroyed as a result of the Russian invasion. This assessment is the basis of the concept of restoring the country «Steel Dream» from Metinvest-SMC, a sales company of the Metinvest group. It is stated in the company’s message.

The company presented a detailed concept at the architecture and construction business forum in Kyiv, dedicated to the country’s recovery.

According to the head of the project office of Metinvest-SMC’s construction sector Tatyana Skrypka, the calculations took into account the volume of destroyed buildings (there are currently more than 65,000) – and the average steel content of these objects.

«Recovery will take time – this is a perspective of 5-10 years, so we also took into account the average annual indicators of steel consumption. There is steel for reconstruction, and Metinvest is ready to meet the country’s steel needs,» she said.

«Steel Dream» is based on the principle of «build Ukrainian», it unites various domestic producers. Half a year after the first presentation of the concept, it was joined by about 50 partners – factories for the production of steel structures, designers, producers of furniture and building materials.

Prefab technologies are the basis of housing and social infrastructure projects – construction from large elements (steel modules, frames and platforms) pre-manufactured at plates. In addition to technologies and planning solutions, Metinvest-SMC presented ready-made interior design for each type of building.

Another principle that forms the basis of the concept is «Build Back Better». All housing and social infrastructure projects are distinguished by the use of prefab solutions, transparency (open estimates and construction schedules), environmental friendliness, modularity, inclusiveness and speed of construction. For example, a one-story building can be built in 3 months, an 8-story building in nine, a kindergarten or outpatient clinic in 4 months, and a school in a year.

The «Steel Dream» team works both with local communities, helping to adapt projects to their needs, and with international funds to become providers of ready-made solutions.

Currently, in addition to Mariupol, the authorities of two other Ukrainian cities have expressed their readiness to rebuild destroyed objects under the  «Steel Dream» projects. At the same time, negotiations and work on adapting building projects to local conditions are underway with a number of communities.

Considering the great interest in the concept, especially from foreign partners, the project team is accredited by some international funds to approve the presented projects.

As GMK Center reported earlier, the concept of restoring the country «Steel Dream» was presented by the Metinvest-SMC in May 2023. The company offered Ukrainians 13 types of steel buildings, each of which is made in several versions, taking into account different conditions and circumstances. In general, the concept includes more than 200 ready-made projects based on three steel prefabricated elements (prefab solutions): frame, module and platform.