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Member companies of Ukrtruboprom ramped up production of pipes by 31.4%

In January–November 2021, major Ukrainian pipe companies ramped up production by 15.7% to 906.2 thousand tons compared to the same period of the previous year,

according to Interfax-Ukraine citing the updated statistics of Ukrtruboprom.

In November 2021, Ukraine produced 87.1 thousand tons of pipes.

In 11M, major Ukrainian pipe companies, members of Ukrtruboprom, ramped up production by 31.4% to 649 thousand tons compared to the same period of the previous year.

In November alone, those companies increased production by 41.7% to 69.7 thousand tons y-o-y.

Ukrtruboprom approves of the decision to increase the scrap export duty from €58/t to €180/t that the Parliament adopted in early December.

“At the end of spring this year exports of ferrous scrap went out of control, which resulted in the deficit of raw materials and the need to import round billets,” said Georgiy Polsky, General Director of Ukrtruboprom.

According to the expert, a higher export duty will enable pipe companies to have sufficient raw materials.

In 2020, Ukraine cut production of pipes by 16.3% to 854 thousand tons against 2019.