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Companies produced 6.18 million tons of rolled products over the four months

In January to April 2019, Ukrainian steel-producing companies increased exports of rolled products by 2.6%, up to 5.34 million tons. This makes 86.4% of the total output compared to 83.8% last year.

This was reported by Ukrmetallurgprom Association based on its own data and information from Derzhanalitinform state-run news agency.

Within the four months, production of rolled products rose insignificantly compared to the same period last year — by only 0.1%, up to 6.18 million tons.

In January to April, the share of semi-finished products in exports was 44.63%, a little up from the same period of 2018 (43.88%).

Within the four months, the share of flat products in exports increased from 32.93% (January to April 2018) to 35.31%. Within the four months, the share of long products in exports dropped from 23.18% (January to April 2018) to 20.06%.

Domestic consumption amounted to 1.25 million tons of rolled products, including 412.4 thousand tons or 32.9% of imported products. Over the four months of the last year, the market consumed 1.4 million tons of rolled products, including 401 thousand tons or 28.3% of imports.

According to Ukrmetallurgprom, flat products dominated over long products in the Ukrainian market within the four months, 54.66% and 39.16% respectively. In January to April 2018, the share of long products was, on the contrary, higher than that of flat products, 49.05% and 46.96% respectively.

The main export markets for Ukrainian steel products in January to April 2019:

  • EU Member States (32.2%)
  • Africa (18.4%)
  • Middle East (11.7%)

Markets exporting metal products to Ukraine:

  • CIS (55.5%)
  • EU Member States (16.8%)
  • Asia (13.7%)