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The capacity of the solar power plant will be about 1 MW

Pokrovsk Mining and Processing Plant (Pokrovsk GOK) will allocate UAH 10 million to build its own solar power plant with a capacity of about 1 MW. This is stated in the company’s corporate newspaper.

According to Yuriy Korkodola, chief engineer of Pokrovsk GOK, preparatory work for the construction of the SPP began on April 8 this year, and a week later the dismantling of metal structures began to prepare the territory for the construction of the facility.

According to Yuriy Korkodola, this is the first time the team has undertaken such work, and the experience was learned from companies that have already built and operate similar facilities. The company created a working group of specialists, calculated the technical specifications for the design, and began implementation.

The chief engineer of Pokrovsk GOK also explained the purpose of the SPP construction.

“First, the plant will be able to provide additional power and reduce consumption from the national grid. Secondly, it is important for us to try our hand and learn how to build such facilities, which are extremely necessary in our time. After all, we all understand that electricity shortages cannot be avoided in the near future. Therefore, we need to learn how to produce the resource in various available ways,” he said.

According to experts, the capacity of the SPP should reach 1 MW, but taking into account grid losses, it will be somewhat lower.

The project cost is approximately UAH 10 million. Given that Pokrovsk GOK has been idle for 7 months, the plant is trying to make money using various opportunities, from providing services to other companies to selling scrap metal. In addition, the company is working on claims.

The company is also trying to use its own resources in the construction of solar power plants, mainly using used rolled metal. They also use technologies that do not require contractors.

According to Pavlo Litun, chief power engineer at Pokrovsk GOK, the set of tasks for the power service as part of the SPP construction includes not only the installation and connection of solar panels but also the construction of a 34-mast high-voltage overhead line, installation of a transformer, and repair of a substation.

According to him, the electricity generated by the solar power plant will be sent to the Pokrovsk GOK’s general grid. Thus, the company will be able to produce its own generation in the annual volume of about 1 million kWh. This will enable the company to consume less power from the grid and save money.

Pokrovsk GOK currently sees no prospects for restarting due to electricity problems. The plant is unable to operate fully due to a shortage of electricity and its high cost for the industry.

As GMK Center reported earlier, Pokrovsk GOK suspended full operations in early November 2023. The main reasons for the suspension were the economic downturn in demand and the cost of manganese-containing products, as well as the instability of energy supply. The decline in demand was due to the shutdown of the plant’s main consumers, Ukrainian ferroalloy plants.