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The company has already put into operation a 10 cubic meter excavator and a drill rig

According to the website of the Northern Mining and Processing Plant (Northern GOK), the company will invest UAH 1.7 billion in equipment overhaul in 2019.

“Modernization of equipment will offer an opportunity to improve the working conditions at the plant, increase productivity and product quality, and hence the wages,” said Andriy Skachkov, Acting CEO of Northern GOK.

Northern GOK has already put into operation a 10 cubic meter excavator and a drill rig at Pervomaisk open pit. The overhaul costs are estimated at UAH 65 million.

A 30-ton mechanical engine of the excavator was replaced with an electric device. This allowed reducing vibration in the cabin and energy consumption.

Four surveillance cameras were installed around the perimeter of the excavator. The driver’s seat has noise insulation, air conditioning, heated windows, and windscreen wipers.

The high-pressure pump station of the SBSh-250 drill rig was repaired. Frequency converter ensures uninterrupted power supply. This increased the rig efficiency by a third, from 90 to 120 running meters of wells per shift.

LED lighting is designed to enhance the safety of operation of mining machines.

Northern GOK also plans to repair eight excavators, 12 BELAZ dump trucks, four heavy bulldozers and ten units of railway machinery. The repair of LURGI 552 A and B roasting machines will help ensure stable operation of the plant.

Northern GOK is part of the Metinvest Group. Its major shareholders are the SCM Group (71.24%) and the Smart Holding (23.76%).

As reported earlier, Northern GOK will invest UAH 50 million in modernization of equipment.

Northern GOK will pay UAH 2 million for the vacuum filter repair