Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry is trying to maintain drug supply

Since the war beginning drug demand has increased significantly. According to survey of Proxima Research, from 24.02.2022 to 08.03.2022 daily drug sales in packs rose by 56.7% y-o-y in average, while daily drug sales in monetary terms increased by 65.4% y-o-y in average.

Many pharmacies in Ukraine are closed, so it is very difficult to deliver medicines to the end consumer. There is a shortage of some foreign-made medicines as the warehouses of international pharmaceutical companies remain closed.

According to our estimations, at least 50% of Ukrainian pharmaceutical plants continue working. But they face with difficulties connected to hostilities (for example, disruptions in supply chains, destruction of warehouses, lack of freight transport, threat to the lives of employees).

Now Ukrainian pharmaceutical plants are trying to supply produced drugs at domestic market. But it is uncertain how long Ukrainian pharmaceutical plants will be able to work. Although in 2020 Ukrainian pharmaceutical manufacturers supplied 69% of drugs (in terms of packs) domestically, in the future it will be necessary to increase foreign supplies of medicines to Ukraine.

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