Stakhanov Ferroalloy Plant

Stakhanov Ferroalloy Plant (SFP) produces ferrosilicon and ferrosilicomanganese.

SFP is located in the non-government controlled territory.

Location: Stakhanov, Luhansk oblast, Ukraine
Shareholders: Owner: the Privat Group structures Nationalized by breakaway authorities and controlled by Vneshtorgservis CJSC (South Ossetia)
Markets: EU, Turkey and Russia until 2017
Products: Ferrosilicon and ferrosilicomanganese

Production capacity

Production of ferroalloys 8 electric arc furnaces, 200 thousand tons

Staff and wages

Number of employees 1,518 (2013)

Charts and tables

Production results, thousand tons

2012 119,6 kt2012
2013 118,8 kt2013
2012 49,5 kt2012
2013 34,4 kt2013

Financial performance, $ million

Sales 124.6н/дн/дн/дн/д
EBITDA 2.7н/дн/дн/дн/д
EBITDA margin 2.2%н/дн/дн/дн/д
Net income -7.1н/дн/дн/дн/д
Net income margin -5.7%н/дн/дн/дн/д
CAPEX 2.9н/дн/дн/дн/д

Key facts


According to the media, only one furnace (No. 4) for ferrosilicon production operated at the plant as of July 2018. The estimated monthly production volume was 1,000–1,800 tons. The company supplied its products to Alchevsk Iron and Steel Works.

Sources: websites of the companies, media outlets

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