Azovstal Iron and Steel Works

Azovstal Iron and Steel Works is an integrated company, a subsidiary of Metinvest Holding. It produces flat and long products, rolled sections and has coke production facilities. Azovstal specializes in semi-finished products, processed by Metinvest Holding’s European subsidiaries, as well as plate products, sold in the EU and the Middle East markets. Azovstal’s plate products are used in shipbuilding, power and special engineering, bridge construction, and production of large diameter pipes for gas and oil pipelines. Azovstal Iron and Steel Works is the only rail manufacturer in Ukraine. The company closely cooperates with another subsidiary of Metinvest Holding located nearby — Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol that supplies iron ore agglomerate.

Location: Mariupol, Donetsk oblast, Ukraine
Shareholders: Metinvest Holding
Markets: Italy, Turkey, UK
Products: Semi-finished products, plate products

Production capacity

Coke production 3 batteries, 1,820 thousand tons
Blast furnace production 5 blast furnaces, 5,500 thousand tons
Production of steel 2 BOFs, 6,600 thousand tons
2 twin ladle furnaces
Twin vacuum degasser
4 double-strand CCMs
Manufacture of rolled products Blooming mill: blooming 1200
Plate mill: plate mill 3600
Rail and structural mill: rail and structural mill 1000/800
Heavy section mill: heavy section mill 800/650
Rail fasteners mill
Ball rolling department: grinding balls diameter 40–120 mm

Staff and wages

Number of employees 10702
Average wage* UAH 241,000 per annum
Workforce productivity 392 tons of steel per annum

* per worker before taxes

Charts and tables

Production results, thousand tons

2012 1933 kt2012
2013 1434 kt2013
2014 1269 kt2014
2015 1341 kt2015
2016 1268 kt2016
2017 1396 kt2017
2018 1372 kt2018
2019 1359 kt2019
2020 1260 kt2020
2012 4026 kt2012
2013 3849 kt2013
2014 3151 kt2014
2015 2825 kt2015
2016 3177 kt2016
2017 3777 kt2017
2018 3707 kt2018
2019 3475 kt2019
2020 3803 kt2020
2012 4595 kt2012
2013 4469 kt2013
2014 3600 kt2014
2015 3207 kt2015
2016 3706 kt2016
2017 4267 kt2017
2018 4086 kt2018
2019 4016 kt2019
2020 4194 kt2020

Indicative sales structure by products in 2020*

Indicative sales structure by countries in 2020*

* structure of sales volumes, metric tons

Financial performance, $ million

EBITDA margin-3.17%9.71%0.19%9.87%4.36%9.2%-5.7%8,9%
Net income2.510.92-1.840.56-0.13131-21916
Net income margin12.03%4.09%-6.95%1.71%-0.19%4.36%-9.9%0,8%

Key facts


Azovstal has reconstructed gas cleaning systems of converters №1 and №2

Azovstal received a certificate for ship steel from the US classifier

Azovstal saves more than $100 million per year due to operational improvements


Azovstal mastered 20 new types of products in 2020


In June 2020, Azovstal Iron and Steel Works invested over $9 million to replace the second mixer in the BOF shop.
In May 2020, Azovstal stopped the blast furnace No. 4 due to a falling demand in global markets. During downtime, the furnace was overhauled.


In 2019, Azovstal reduced gross emissions of pollutants into the air per ton of steel by 7.0% to 20.2 tons. This was possible due to environmental projects: the overhaul of the blast furnace No. 3, reconstruction of the aspiration system of the crushing shop, reconstruction of the gas cleaning system of the pig iron desulfurization shop.
In June 2019, Azovstal completed the overhaul of the blast furnace No. 3. The overhaul of the blast furnace No. 6 project was launched.
In 2019, Azovstal launched 32 new types of metal products.

Azovstal stopped blast furnace #6 for rebuilding works. The project intends energy efficiency improvements and cost decreasing. Blast furnace #6 will be equipped with a pulverized coal injection (PCI) unit and slag granulation plant. As a result, dust emissions will reduce by 55%.

Azovstal stopped blast furnace #5. It will be decommissioned and dismantled.

In the end of June 2019

Azovstal plans to launch the repaired blast furnace 3. As a result, the furnace will be equipped with a pulverized coal injection (PCI) unit, and its capacity will be increased to 1.3–1.6 million tons. CAPEX into the project – $145 mln.

In January 2019

Azovstal launched new products, slabs 300 mm for industrial consumers in the EU and the Middle East. One of the CCMs was reequipped for that purpose.

In May 2018

Metinvest Holding management said they planned to invest $6 billion in steel assets, including $300 million for environmental measures.

In 2018

The company invested UAH 0.5 billion in the upgrade of the environmental safety and cooling system of the blast furnace 4.

In 2017

Azovstal invested $90 million in the reconstruction of the blast furnace 4. As a result, its productivity enhanced by 20%. The furnace was also equipped with a PCI unit. Therefore, the blast furnace 4 became the most environmentally friendly in Ukraine.

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