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INTERESTS: industry, global economy, economic policy, industrial ecology, logistics, production systems, geopolitics, history and the development of civilizations, French culture
INTERESTS: sector-specific media; industry; metal-intensive production; export logistics; domestic market; infrastructure; son’s upbringing; musical culture of New York Downtown
INTERESTS: financial and commodity markets; trust and social capital; art of public speaking; methods of decision making; travels and history; martial arts, including fight against laziness
INTERESTS: trends in the markets for raw materials and metal products; economic analysis; statistical modeling and forecasting; state economic and environmental policy; circular economy
INTERESTS: economic policy, global economy, industry, media and content creation, military history
INTERESTS: foreign media, business journalism, industrial ecology, corporate news, networking, psychology of dominance, English, self-development trainings
INTERESTS: event management, information partnership, communications of different levels. Love for people and their absence somewhere in the forest above the sea or high in the mountains near a fire. Psychology, study groups on a variety of topics, dancing, travels. On the side of the good where the
INTERESTS: development in social media; reputation management; content creation; interpersonal communications; copywriting; likes; advertising; travels around the world; beach vacation; modern art