GMK Center

Ukrainian based think-tank and consulting company with the focus
on industrial sectors, such as iron and steel, oil and gas, fertilizers, cement, etc.
Established in 2018. Staff number – 15 employees.

Our areas of expertise are global issues that are relevant for businesses anywhere in the world. This allows us to be active internationally and cover a wide range of industrial sectors.

Our expertise:

Market studies and global trends

Impact analysis, analysis of regulatory documents

Modelling and business valuation

Global trade issues

Concept of reforms and policy papers

Decarbonization and green energy transition issues

Sustainability, ESG activities and reporting

We are ready to solve the most complex and non-standard tasks, delve deeply into the essence of issues, and provide comprehensive services. We are ready to involve and count on the support of our partners.

Our partners:

World Steel Dynamics – is the world’s leading steel information service

Horst Wiesinger Consulting – is a consulting company providing expert knowledge and experience in the iron and steel industry

Our expertise was appreciated by the largest Ukrainian industrial companies and global consulting companies. For four years we have earned trust.

Our clients:


We love what we do. Our studies are breakthrough, generating new ideas, helping to make decisions, creating a basis for discussion.

Our latest projects:

Impact of the Carbon border adjustment on Ukrainian exports

The use of coal combustion products in road construction. European experience and opportunities for Ukraine

“Green” industrial policy – the formula for Ukraine

Impact of global trade restrictions on Ukrainian steel export

Study of the best practices in ESG reporting in 2020-2021

Economy during the war: how the Ukrainian business works

Study of disruptions in global supply chains due to Russian invasion to Ukraine

Investment outlook of iron & steel companies of Ukraine

M&A Outlook in global iron & steel indistry