The International Forum on “Decarbonization of the Steel Industry: a Challenge for Ukraine” is a unique event held in our country for the first time. Ukraine is a member of the Paris Agreement and one of the world steel production leaders. Last year the country was ranked eleventh with the overall production of 21 million tons.

Industry Decarbonization as the worldwide trend has become a new challenge for Ukrainian steel producers. The forum participants will discuss the problems of decarbonization, available technologies, companies’ plans to reduce CO2 emissions, and cooperation with the government. An important highlight of the forum in Kyiv will be the focus on new technologies implementation to reduce CO2 emissions and switch to carbon-free steel production.


14 july, 09:00 – Registration, Welcome Coffee, Networking

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About the forum and the industry decarbonization as a trendDecarbonization opportunities todayFuture opportunities for decarbonizationResponse of Ukrainian mining and metals industry to the challenges of decarbonizationSteel Industry Decarbonization: European experience and the way of Ukraine
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Stanislav Zinchenko, CEO of GMK Center: “Greeting words, forum plan”Norbert Petermaier, Executive Vice President for Sales and Marketing in Primetals Technology: “Energy transformation is the key to achieve carbon net zero”Andrii Tarasenko, Chief Analyst of GMK Center: “Perspective decarbonization technologies: challenges for the coming decades”Yuriy Ryzhenkov, CEO of Metinvest: “Environmental investment as a competitive factor”Alexander Kalenkov, President of the Association of Enterprises “Ukrmetallurgprom”
Horst Wiesinger, CEO of Horst Wiesinger Consulting: “Decarbonization of steel industry: challenges for EU and Ukraine”Alessandro Martinis, Vice President of Danieli Centro Metallics: “DRI Technology: green steel industry”Jaap Vente, roadmap manager towards a CO2 neutral industry in TNO: “Cost effective industrial symbiosis and CO2 storage: the route for reduced CO2 emissions in the steel industry”Brett Salt, Chief Marketing Officer Ferrexpo: “Ferrexpo's contribution to the sustainability of the steel industry: plans for the production of DR pellets”Klaus Peters, Secretary General European Steel Technology Platform
Oksana Roman, Energy Transition Leader at Bilfinger Tebodin in Central & Eastern Europe: “The Path to Decarbonization: Strategy Development and Project Implementation Experience”Johannes Schenk, CSO of K1-MET: “Hydrogen-based technologies in the steel industry: projects and prospects”Denis Morozov, First Deputy CEO of Interpipe: “Electric-arc steelmaking – the future format for steel industry”Andrii Glushchenko, analyst of GMK Center
Jan Bader, General Manager Steelmaking, SMS group: “How modern technologies such as PEM (Primary Energy Melter) can increase scrap usage in BOF production”Vitaliy Bash, CEO of DCH Steel: “Modernization of Dnipro Metallurgical Plant for reducing environmental burden”Maxym Nemchynov, Deputy Minister of Energy
Yuri Atanasov, СЕО Centravis: “The challenges of green transformation for steel companies”Taras Kachka, Deputy Minister of Economic, Trade Representative of Ukraine
Dmytro Kysylevskyi, Deputy Chairperson of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Economic Development
Kyrylo Kryvolap, Head of the Center for Economic Recovery, Advisor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine

18:00 – Gala Dinner From The General Partner Metinvest


Horst Wiesinger

CEO and Founder Horst Wiesinger Consulting, Ph.D

Norbert Petermaier

Executive Vice President for Sales and Marketing in Primetals Technology

Alessandro Martinis

Vice President of Danieli Centro Metallics, Ph.D

Oksana Roman

Energy Transition Leader at Bilfinger Tebodin in Central & Eastern Europe

Jaap Vente

Roadmap Manager Towards a CO2-neutral industry TNO, Ph.D

Johannes Schenk

Chief Scientific Officer K1-MET GmbH, Professor

Yuriy Ryzhenkov

CEO of Metinvest Holding

Brett Salt

Chief Marketing Officer Ferrexpo

Denis Morozov

First Deputy CEO of Interpipe

Yuri Atanasov

CEO of Centravis Production Ukraine

Jan Bader

General Manager Steelmaking, SMS group

Klaus Peters

Secretary General European Steel Technology Platform, Ph.D


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