За 9 мес. 2020 года производство металлоконструкций выросло на 5% (c) УЦСС
Production of steel structures increased by 5% over 9M 2020
Consumption of steel structures grew by 8%
Игроки рынка стального строительства ожидают падение спроса на 20-50% (с) xsteelconstruction
Steel construction market actors expect a 20–50% drop in demand
41% of companies have a “reserve fund” for resuming operation, whereas the same percentage have none
В 2019 году потребление металлоконструкций выросло на 8,9% – УЦСС (с) Металл//
USCC reported a 8.9% growth in consumption of steel structures in 2019
Earlier, USCC predicted a 18% growth in consumption of steel structures