Ukrainian Railways

Ferrexpo increased railway shipments to Europe by 54% in 10M
At the same time, port shipments to distant markets dropped 19.1%
Ferrexpo increased railway shipments to Europe by 81% in 7M
Conversely, shipments to ports fell by 21.3%
The Government to encourage Ukraine’s car and locomotive building
The Prime Minister says renewal of Ukrzaliznytsia’s rolling stock is among the Government’s priorities
В январе металлурги нарастили ж/д отгрузки продукции на 9,8%
Steelmakers increased railway shipments by 9.8% in January
Over the month, the Ukrainian Railways increased export traffic of finished metal products by 9.7%
Украина продлила ограничения на импорт стрелочных переводов из России
Ukraine extends restrictions on railway switch imports from Russia
The anti-dumping duty has been extended for another 5 years
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The Ukrainian Railways to sell 380 thousand tons of scrap in 2021
In 2020, the state-owned company increased scrap sales by 50% in financial terms or by 40 thousand tons in physical terms
Капитализация рынка Индустрии 4.0 достигнет $156,6 млрд к 2024 году (c)
Rail transportation of metals fell by 5% in 2019
Ukrzaliznytsia (Ukrainian Railways) increased its rail transportation of iron and manganese ores by 2.7%