The European energy crisis

The energy crisis hit Thyssenkrupp hard — СЕО

The company welcomed the German commission's proposal to set a fixed price for gas for industry

High energy prices affect steel consumption in Europe

In September 2022, energy inflation in the EU was 41%.

ArcelorMittal will shut down one of the blast furnaces at the plant in Poland at the end of September 2022

The company explains this step by the drop in demand for steel and the increase in the energy costs

European demand for imported steel increased against the backdrop of high domestic prices

Due to the increase in energy costs, local producers are forced to raise the prices of their products

EUROFER calls on the EU to take urgent action to overcome the energy crisis

Steelmakers and industrialists from other energy-intensive industries emphasize the impossibility of continuing production in Europe under current conditions

Italian steelmakers to introduce a surcharge on electricity

The size of the surcharge to the product price can amount to €200-300 per ton of rolled steel

The European energy crisis is deepening

A lot of prep work needed to avoid power outages