Україна необхідна Європі як промисловий потенціал
Europe needs Ukraine as an industrial potential
The Ukrainian industry can change and become more environmentally friendly. This is only a matter of means and geopolitics
Businesses are ready to invest in BAT under understandable condition
Steel producers are ready to invest in environmental modernization as much as necessary, but they want political money back guarantees
Экомодернизация нуждается в государственной поддержке
Environmental modernization needs government support
Following the example of the European Union, Ukraine needs to provide companies with financial support for environmental modernization
The introduction of the CBAM may worsen the position of steel industry
It is necessary to think over compensatory mechanisms to support the operation of steelmaking companies
Economic stagnation is a key risk for climate policy
A cut in emissions is impossible if it is not backed up by economic growth
CBAM introduction will not accelerate the environmental modernizati...
The CBAM will cause a decrease in Ukrainian producers’ investments
The CBAM’s impact on the steel industry
The steel sector of Ukraine will be among the most affected by the imposition of the CBA
CBAM targeting steelmakers to sparkle an annual 0.5% drop in Ukrain...
The imposition of the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism might lead to a decrease in the competitiveness of Ukrainian exports
GMK Center forecasts an annual decline of €200 million in exports o...
The imposition of the СВАМ by the European Union may result in termination of exports of pig iron and a 10% decrease in exports of long products