Russian aggression

Why sanctions against Russian steel export didn’t work
Voluntary exclusion of Russian products from the supply chain of companies can be more significant than country-level sanctions
Azov Shipyard was destroyed, Mariupol city council reported
Plant buildings destroyed during hostilities in Mariupol
President Zelensky considers processing industry growth a priority
Key economic goals of postwar recovery in Ukraine are also localization, military-industrial complex development, small and medium-sized businesses accelerating
Global pig iron supply not expected to improve
Global pig iron supply not expected to improve
Brazil couldn`t replace supply drop from Ukraine
Because of war only 27% of the wind capacity in Ukraine is working
Renewable energy sector in Ukraine is damaged
IMO clarified rules of insurance in the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov
Russian insurers can be confronted with difficulties while extension the reinsurance agreements and making payments in USD
Daily drug sales rose by 56.7% after the Russian invasion in Ukraine
Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry is trying to maintain drug supply