Украина сократила выручку от экспорта черных металлов на 12,7% (c)
Ukraine’s revenue from exports of ferrous metals declined by 19%
In May, revenue from exports of ferrous metals amounted to $601.5 million
«Метинвест» в первом квартеле сократил выручку на 11% (c)
Metinvest cut revenue by 11% in Q1
Revenue of the steel segment dropped by 14% to $2 billion
Revenue of steelmakers from exports of ferrous metals fell by 17.5%...
In the first four months, export revenues decreased by 15.5%
"Метинвест" в феврале нарастил выручку на 4,8% (c)
Metinvest increased revenue by 4.8% in February
EBITDA in February increased by 76.7% against the previous month
«Интерпайп» в 2019 году нарастил выручку на 4% (c) GMK Center
Interpipe increased revenue by 4% in 2019
The reason is a gain in sales of railway products
«Метинвест» в июле нарастил EBIDTA на 54,3% ©
Metinvest increased the EBITDA in July by 54.3%
The Company’s revenue fell by 3.7%