Верховная Рада приняла законопроект о недропользовании (c)
Rada approves a subsoil use draft law in principle
The draft Law provides for the creation of an interactive map of minerals
Parliament extends scrap export duty for 5 years
291 MPs voted in favor of the draft law
Экомодернизация нуждается в государственной поддержке
Environmental modernization needs government support
Following the example of the European Union, Ukraine needs to provide companies with financial support for environmental modernization
Рада разблокировала большую приватизацию
Parliament lifts ban on large privatization
The Ukrainian Parliament approved in the first reading partial privatization of Ukrzaliznytsia, Naftogaz and Ukrposhta
В Раде зарегистрировали законопроект о продлении пошлины на экспорт лома (c) Recycling International
The Parliament to consider a draft law on extending the scrap expor...
The authors propose to extend restrictions for another five years
The Parliament ratifies a free trade agreement with UK
From 2023 onwards, the United Kingdom may stop levying duties on imports of Ukraine-made industrial products
Рада приняла комплекс решений по защите бизнеса в период карантина
The Parliament adopted a package of decisions to protect businesses
The Parliament counted quarantine as force majeure
Рада одобрила приоритеты экологической политики на 5 лет
The Parliament approved the environmental policy priorities for 5 y...
The Cabinet of Ministers is to report on the implementation of the Recommendations until 1 July
The Parliament registered the draft law on the scrap market unshado...
The document has already been agreed on with all sectoral associations and the Ministry of Economic
АМКР уплатил уже больше 100 млн грн эконалога в 2019-м ©
MPs propose to raise the environmental tax fourfold
Environmental tax revenue will increase from ₴3.5 billion to ₴14 billion in 2020