iron & steel industry of Ukraine

Ukrainian metallurgy: new level of social responsibility
Every operating enterprise is now worth its weight in gold in Ukraine
Iron & steel companies capital investments up 33% in 2021
Last year mining companies invested $948.7 million, metallurgical companies $875.4 million
Ukrainian iron & steel companies: who continue to work
Kametstal, and most mining companies continue to operate
Ukrainian producers increased steel production by 1% in January
Production of rolled products also grew, whereas production of pig iron fell
Steelmakers fear the negative implications of the FTA with Turkey f...
The problem is that the negotiations are closed and the business lacks an understanding of what will be included in the text of the agreement
Ukraine’s revenues from iron ore exports grew 63% in 2021
In physical terms, however, iron ore exports fell 4.2%
Wages at pipe companies grew 5% in November
Average wages in the iron & steel industry of Ukraine went down for most positions in the same period
Ukraine decreased exports of semi-finished products by 9.5% in 2021
At the same time, export revenues rose by 48.8%
Ukrainian steelmakers ramped up steel production by 3.6% in 2021
Production of rolled products and pig iron grew as well
Ukraine decreased coke production by 10% in November
Coke production fell 1% in 11M
Analysts listed key risks for iron & steel industry of Ukraine...
The key external factors of influence will be the situation in the economies of China and Turkey, and the policy of the world’s central banks