В январе-сентябре импорт коксующихся углей в Украину сократился на 10%
Ukraine’s imports of coking coals fell by 10% in January–September
Coke imports dropped by 77% in the first nine months of 2020
Украина за полгода снизила выручку от экспорта черных металлов на 19% (с) shutterstock
Ukraine’s revenue from exports of ferrous metals declined by 19% in H1
In June, revenue from exports of ferrous metals amounted to $604.1 million
Украина в январе-апреле сократила выпуск металлопроката на 3,4% (c) shutterstock.com
Ukraine cut production of rolled steel products by 3.4% in January–...
Exports accounted for 84.5% of the total output of rolled products
Бразилия продлила пошлины на толстолистовую сталь из Украины (c) shutterstock.com
Brazil extends anti-dumping duties on Ukrainian heavy plate
The safeguard measures were first imposed in 2013 and are now extended for five more years
Ukraine’s imports of limestone fell for the first time in many years
In 9 months, imports of limestone in Ukraine fell by 11% to 1.7 million tons
The Ministry of Economy is expecting a 7.8% import growth in 2020
Ukraine’s imports increased by 9.6% to $83.5 billion
Ukraine is increasing imports of rolled products from Uzbekistan
Uzbekistan’s largest steel exporter to Ukraine — Uzmetkombinat — is increasing exports
SteelHome projects a 3% decrease in China’s iron ore imports in 2020
Prices for imported iron ore are going to fall by 10–15% next year
Demand for coke among steelmaking companies is falling
While coke imports grew by 17.3% in 9 months
Rolled products consumption shrinks by 11% in Ukraine
The hopes for construction, rail car manufacturing and machine building demands fail
The key question: what does the ban on the supply of coking coals m...
The domestic market may face a significant deficit of raw materials for coke production