finance aid

Almost half of the expenditures of the 2023 state budget are Western aid

The government expects next year GDP growth of 3.2% and inflation at the level of 28%

The European Commission will present a €18 billion financial assistance plan to Ukraine

The program provides up to €1.5 billion per month to finance the main functions of the state

Tata Steel will decide on business in the UK after government response

The company is counting on a package of subsidies in the amount of £1.5 billion ($1.7 billion)

Ukraine in 2023 will need up to $5 billion in external financing every month

The World Bank estimates the total needs for reconstruction at approximately $349 billion

Ukraine received €2 billion in macro-financial assistance from the EU

In total, Ukraine received €4.2 billion in macro-financial assistance from the European Union this year

External revenues amounted to 39% of the state budget in September 2022

During the month, financing of the state budget of Ukraine with its own resources amounted to about 115 billion UAH, and with external resources – 74.5 billion UAH

Ukraine expects an additional $12.3 billion in support from the United States

The draft law will soon be sent to the House of Representatives for consideration and the signature of the US President

Grants and loans accounted for 56% of the state budget in August

During the month, financing of Ukrainian state budget with own resources amounted to UAH 134 billion, and external resources – UAH 172 billion

Ukraine received a $350 million loan from Canada

The total amount of financial aid to Ukraine from Canada since the beginning of the war has reached $1.2 billion

Ukraine received €500 million macro-financial assistance from the European Union

On August 2, it is planned to receive another €500 million

Ukraine agrees with the IMF on revising the debt payment schedule

If the situation does not change, then if all payments continue, Ukraine will transfer more money to the fund at the end of the year than it receives from it

The creditor group countries is ready to postpone the servicing of Ukraine’s public debt

From August 1, it is recommended to suspend debt service until the end of 2023 with the possibility of an additional year