Ukraine increased revenues from exports of semi-finished products b...
In physical terms, shipments of this category of products, by contrast, dropped by 26.5%
Ukraine’s revenues from exports of scrap jumped 27-fold in 7M
In July, scrap export revenues amounted to $39.9 million
Ukraine’s exports of pipes grew by 37% in May
Ukraine’s exports of pipes grew by 37% in May
Exports grew by 8.7% in 5M
Президент Зеленский подписал закон о продлении пошлины на экспорт лома (с) Nikkei
Zelenskyi signs a law to extend the scrap export duty
The Law comes into force the next day following its publication
Украина в апреле нарастила экспорт полуфабрикатов на 9,4%
Ukraine’s exports of semi-finished products grew by 9.4% in April
Steelmakers increased exports of semi-finished by 0.5% in 4M
Украина в апреле сократила экспорт чугуна на 21,1%
Ukraine’s pig iron exports fell by 21% in April
Export revenues, on the other hand, increased by 37% over the month
Украина в апреле нарастила выручку от экспорта руды на 73%
Ukraine’s revenues from ore exports jumped by 73% in April
In physical terms, iron ore exports fell by 16.7% over the month
Parliament extends scrap export duty for 5 years
291 MPs voted in favor of the draft law
Украина в марте нарастила экспорт полуфабрикатов на 12%
Ukraine’s semi-finished products exports grew by 12% in March
Steelmakers reduced semi-finished products exports by 1.8% in Q1
Экспорт металлолома из Украины в январе-марте вырос в 5,7 раза (c) shutterstock.com
Ukraine’s scrap exports grew by 5.7 times in Q1
Exports of the Ukrainian raw material have been reducing since 2018