ЕЭК возобновила антидемпинговую пошлину на украинские ж/д колеса
The EEC resumed anti-dumping duty on Ukraine-made railway wheels
Demand in the railway wheels market has stabilized after a peak in 2019
Russia approved duties on Ukrainian galvanized steel
12.69–23.9% anti-dumping duties will be imposed on Ukrainian and Chinese galvanized steel
ЕЭК продлила расследование по импорту оцинковки из Украины (c)
The EEC extends the investigation into the imports of coil from Ukr...
The anti-dumping investigation will last until 28 December
EEC to impose a tit-for-tat import duty on Ukrainian galvanized pro...
Ukrainian companies will have to focus on the domestic market, but the latter has its limits too
ЕЭК с 1 декабря вводит квоты на импорт горячекатаного проката из Украины (c)
The EEC will apply quotas on the imports of hot-rolled products fro...
The quotas are not supposed to significantly affect the Ukrainian producers
ЕЭК приостановила действие антидемпинговых пошлин на украинские колеса (с) GMK Center
The EEC suspended anti-dumping duty on Ukrainian wheels
The decision will enter into force 30 days following its publishing and apply until 1 June 2020