consumption of steel products

Украина запустила инфраструктурный проект «Большая стройка» (c)
Ukraine to launch the Big Construction infrastructure project
Its key element is the construction and repair of roads. Investment estimated at ₴75 billion is expected to be attracted
Объем строительства в Украине в 2019 году вырос на 20% (c)
Ukraine’s construction output increased by 20% in 2019
The cost of construction of facilities of steelmaking companies grew by 45.7% to ₴4.35 billion
The construction output in Ukraine increased by 20.5% over 9 months
The pace of construction, especially of commercial facilities, rocketed in Ukraine compared to 2018–2017
Ukraine’s rail car building consumed around 160 thousand tons of steel
About 19 tons of rolled steel products and 4 tons of cast products are used to make one open wagon